Thailand Kids are Awesome.

Last night was pretty cool. We bought some dry milk, rice, and laundry detergent and delivered it to some of the needy in the community. We prayed for each family as we delivered the gifts. It was a good but frustrating feeling giving to these poor families. How long can a bag of detergent and rice really last them and what else do they need? The good feelings quickly fade when you realize there are so many more people to help. I think we are about to learn a lot about our American ways…

Today was the first and probably last day we feel like Rock Stars. We visited a couple schools around Selaphun. The kids were great! They basically stopped everything at the schools when they heard we were coming. We who? The kids were screaming, asking for our autographs, and were taking pictures with their phones. We taught them English in their classrooms and hung out for a while. The feeling was great, but at the same time we know they thought we were famous or something just because we are American. AJ said it best, “I hope one day they are cheering for us for feeding their village, rather than just being American.”

We’re here to figure it out.

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